strombolian eruption

Volcanic eruptions of basaltic magma, slightly more violent than Hawaiian eruptions, that produce large amounts of scoria and ash around a central vent to form a cone. Strombolian eruptions are typically pulsating and have periods of several seconds (Wolf and Sumner, 2000, p. 321). The deposits consist of lava spatter, vesicular bombs, scoria lapilli, and mafic ash (Vespermann and Schminke, 2000, p. 683). Named after Stromboli, an Italian volcano.
Strombolian eruptions are characterized by the intermittent explosion or fountaining of basaltic lava from a single vent or crater. Each episode is caused by the release of volcanic gases, and they typically occur every few minutes or so, sometimes rhythmically and sometimes irregularly. The lava fragments generally consist of partially molten volcanic bombs that become rounded as they fly through the air.
Photograph by B. Chouet in December 1969.
Close view of Stromboli Volcano erupting incandescent molten lava framgents.
Photograph by B. Chouet in 1992.
View of Stromboli Volcano on the island of Stromboli in the Mediterranean.
Did you know?
The word strombolian is derived from the volcano Stromboli, one of the Aeolian Islands north of Sicily. Stromboli has been almost continuously in eruption for at least the past 2,400 years.
Other volcanoes that often exhibit strombolian activity include Etna (Italy), Pacaya (Guatemala), and Erebus (Antarctica).

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